Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Cleaning

$139.99 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Your heat pump developing sudden problems is no fun. The device is critical for cooling or heating your living areas.
Breath Assured offers impeccable ductless mini-split heat pump cleaning services in and around Halifax. We are experienced and professional pump cleaners. You can count on us to make your appliance shine!

Annually cleaning your pump helps your health. Household mold, bacteria, and algae build up and release their toxicity in the air. The particles in the air make the air your family breathes stale, stinky, and severe.
A new mini-split heat pump costs thousands of dollars. An annual cleaning extends the life of your unit. It also helps your heat pump to stay in optimal working condition. Keeping your pump at its peak saves money.

Reduce your energy costs! The cleaning helps your device perform at its peak. The peak performance makes the whole system operate efficiently; efficient operation saves money.
A side benefit of an efficient system is that it also saves the earth. An efficient system lowers your energy consumption. You reduce waste, lower your carbon footprint, and make a difference.

When should you contact us?

You need professional help when the pump:
● blows cold air
● doesn’t efficiently heat your home
● makes strange noises, humming is okay
● smells rotten or musky
● stops producing warm air

Your home and belongings are important to you. That makes them important to us. The first step of our process is to cover our work area thoroughly. Also, we use non-abrasive and safe cleaning solutions.

Our process includes the following:
● cleaning and sanitization of internal barrel fan, condensation tray, evaporator coil, housing, and filters
● safe handling of mini-split electronics and housing
● flushing the condensate drain
● complete testing to make sure the mini-split is working properly

Let Breath Assured cleaning services save you up to 30% on your energy bill.

You have questions. We have answers!
Contact us and set up an appointment to discuss how we can assist you.