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Breath Assured is the first-rate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning cleaning provider in HRM and surrounding areas.

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Halifax Mini-Split Pump Cleaning

When your air condition or heating goes down, you need to get it fixed immediately. A steaming or freezing house is uncomfortable and dangerous. These repairs are costly!

One of the ways to ensure that your system runs at peak efficiency is through regular cleaning. Our team of experts is ready to provide impeccable cleanings for you!

Breath Assured is the first-rate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning cleaning provider in HRM and surrounding areas. We are a family-owned and operated company; we specialize in cleaning heat pumps and other HVAC components. Also, our service safeguards your family by increasing the air quality of your home.

We are among the best Halifax ventilation system cleaners and offer a wide range of options to our clients. A phone call to Breath Assured is all you need to get your system cleaned.


Clean Mini-Split Pump Benefits

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Save energy with a clean pump.

Our process for cleaning your unit includes cleaning and sanitation of the mini-split, coil, and barrel fan. The difference between the energy consumption of a clean device and a dirty one is enormous.

A dirty coil makes the unit work too hard to condition the air. Grime covers the loop and decreases the clean surface area. The reduction in the clean surface area makes heat and cold air transfer inefficient. A smaller surface area bogs your system down.

A dirty barrel fan makes life difficult for the whole system. Dust and muck gum up the blades and decrease air momentum. Slower air results in uneven heating and cooling. You have to constantly fiddle with the thermostat to get it to the right temperature. All those adjustments increase your power consumption. More power used means more money out of your pocket.

A clean pump saves money!

Dirty heat pumps die faster than well-maintained pumps. Never cleaning or irregularly cleaning the unit stresses it. A dirty mini-split constantly overheats, and the coils can’t do anything with the heat. As heat rises, the machine breaks down and suffers:

  • compressor lubricant breakdown
  • acid burnout
  • total failure

Clean pumps improve health.

Bacteria and microbes infest dirty heat pumps. That filth causes breathing problems including:

  • allergic reactions
  • asthma attacks
  • upper respiratory infections 

Moisture collects on an operational mini-split heat pump. The tiny water droplets live in a warm environment and are hidden away from the sun in total darkness. The dank surrounding grows mold and fungi. 

Your coils and condensation tray get overrun with foul mold and bacteria. All that dirtiness gets blown out into your house and finds its way to your lungs. Dirty pumps force filthy air into your home every time they flip on.

What makes us a first-rate mini-split pump cleaning service in Halifax?

With Breath Assured, you’ll experience affordable and top-tier cleaning, including:


Dryer Vent Cleaning


Ductless Mini-split Heat Pump Cleaning


HRV Exchanger Cleaning


Evaporator Coil Cleaning


Air Exchanger Cleaning


Ventilation System Ductwork Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Services Halifax

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential components of operational homes. Your pump and ducts are integral parts of your HVAC system that controls temperature and humidity. That’s why it’s so important to keep your components clean.
An efficient system provides comfort to your family, increases your property’s value, and reduces energy costs. It also produces better air quality and makes your home comfortable year-round.

At Breath Assured, we focus on providing you multiple forms of residential cleaning in and around Halifax.


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