Halifax HRV/Air Exchanger Cleaning

$89.99 · 1 hour

Breath Assured provides outstanding HRV/Air Exchanger cleaning. Our services improve your quality of life by improving your home’s air quality. Your HRV/Air Exchanger unit maintains stable humidity in your home. The appliance provides additional filtration making the air fresh and clean for your family.

In an enclosed space–like a home–old air becomes stale air. Dust, dirt, bacteria, and mold swirl in the air and pollute it. If your home doesn’t exchange the thick air for clean air, you breathe in all that gunk. An HRV/Air Exchanger works by circulating the inside, stale air out of your home in exchange for fresh, clean air from outside.

Grease, grime, and stagnant water sometimes clog the unit. The clog causes inefficient operation, leaking, dripping, foul odors, and chilly areas in your home. Those inconveniences can be avoided with regular maintenance and cleaning from the most reliable heat recovery ventilator cleaners in Halifax!

Our service includes the inspection and cleaning of the following:
● condensate drain line
● core components
● filters
● outdoor vent covers
● unit housing

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