Halifax Dryer Vent Cleaning

$89.99 · 1 hour

Breath Assured provides dryer vent cleaning services in and around Halifax. We are experienced and professional dryer vent cleaners. You can count on us to make your vents clear of obstructions!

Cleaning your vent is critical for safety and health. It’s easy to forget to clean beyond the lint trap. Dryer lint builds up in the duct and catches on fire quickly.

Dryers are among the most common causes of fire in Canadian homes. Failure to clean dryer ducts is the most common factor in building fires.

You can help prevent fires by keeping your dryer vent in working condition. Make sure to:
● clean behind the dryer where lint hides
● clean the lint screen before and after drying each load of clothes
● replace plastic or foil ducts with rigid metal ducts
● turn off the dryer when you leave

A clean dryer vent saves cash. Clogs make your dryer run inefficiently. How many loads of clothes does your household dry in a year? Depending on the frequency of laundry and your electricity costs, a clean vent saves you hundreds.

Our process includes:
● brush cleaning of the vent duct and area
● cleaning of the dryer vent cover
● disconnection of the dryer from the vent
● repair/replacement of vent cover
● vacuum to remove any build-up

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