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Breath Assured is a family-owned and operated heat pump cleaner based in Halifax. As our valued customers in HRM and surrounding areas will tell you, we view your satisfaction as our top priority. We are part of the community, and it’s important to us that you are 100 percent happy with our work.
At Breath Assured, we know that our dedication, professionalism, and experience make us different from other cleaners. Everyone on our team strives to make your experience smooth and helpful. We do things right the first time!

Our experts specialize in all types of heating and air conditioning cleaning. We pride ourselves on being available for swift projects. Feel free to call us immediately for our excellent expertise.

Everyone on our staff provides the highest standard of service and expertise. No other pump cleaners in Halifax can compete with our responsiveness and commitment to your project.

Why should you choose Breath Assured?


Qualified experts

We are exceptional and skilled professionals that provide a fair rate. Your safety and well-being are our number one concern.


Customer focus

Before we even begin cleaning your appliances, we take the utmost care to cover our work area and protect your home. Our equipment entirely and safely cleans your devices. Our cleaning products are non-abrasive, biodegradable, and safe for your appliances as well as your home.


Satisfaction guarantee

When we complete the project and you are satisfied, we provide tips for operating your system. Our professionals walk you through the best way to ensure optimal airflow and efficiency for your system.

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